We're Doomed

by Ashleigh-Rose

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.mp3Neptune I'm fairly certain that this is my favorite album ever. No exaggeration. I've never heard an artist convey such a specific set of emotions in such a vivid way. Tracks like You've Changed, Another Christmas, and Hands Together hold enough power to have soundtracked moments of my life i will certainly remember forever. Just some beautiful music all around. Essential listening. Favorite track: You've Changed.
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these are songs about giving up
you sit on a fence and on either side the world is ending


released February 8, 2015

contributions from jared vanmatre (Kinesthetiac) and andrew winzenburg (Old Bones Going) on tracks 9 and 10 respectively

thanks everyone



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Ashleigh-Rose Charlottesville, Virginia

we are poor and starving; we will eat your heart

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Track Name: You've Changed
you've changed a lot
stories still move
and kids still pray
have you made your peace today

you've changed a lot

mountains move
and oceans rise
we belong to the tide
we've got homes and
borrowed time
we belong to the tide

chrome monsters
eat old plants
you've changed a lot

i'd follow you
you've changed a lot
Track Name: College
hey you it's me
i know how you die
hey you it's me
i still haven't figured out why

but i want to tell you
and i want to remind you

hey look at me
i think we've still got time
hey loot at me
open the door let's go outside

because i want to tell you
and i want to remind you
that i will always love you
i will always love you
Track Name: Feels Like
golden flies
been buzzing round my head
took you inside
laid you on my bed

and you died
and you died
it feels like
it feels like

i left my body there
underneath a tree
i left my body there
safely out of reach

you look like you're glowing
where are you going
Track Name: Hands Together
i can put my hands together
i can tie a knot
i can rub two sticks together
i can start a fire

i can clutch anything close
all four sided light
when you're making good food
i'm not scared to die

what was that i think i'm dying
yours is mine and all around
where i was and what i'm doing
your body melts into the ground

i cant tell exactly what is
or what i'm making up
your bloody heart just slithered past me
i reach for it but i fall

i can put my hands together
i can tie a knot

i'm with you